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AYRO Vanish low speed vehicle


Fleet managers from a variety of industries struggle to find reliable, cost effective and sustainable transportation solutions to suit needs where full-size trucks or vans are not necessary and golf or utility carts are too small. For this reason, and according to the most recent North America Low Speed Vehicle Report, the low-speed vehicle market is projected to grow by $5.5 billion from 2021 to 2027. In addition, the report outlines the shifting preferences toward low-speed vehicles for short distances and on-location fleet management due to stringent emission standards and lower cost of electric low-speed vehicles as reasoning for this growth.

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Uniquely American

The AYRO Vanish is uniquely American with components being primarily sourced from North America and Europe and vehicle assembly and integration taking place in our Round Rock, Texas facility.

The Perfect Segment

Low-speed electric vehicles (LSEVs) are perfect for transportation in adult communities, resorts, campuses, hospitality, and much more.

Complete Sustainability

As organizations continue to seek ways to meet sustainability goals, AYRO is redefining sustainability. AYRO’s goal is to develop products that do not affect the space they traverse as well as eliminating production and recycling waste in our product designs and methodologies.

Swappable Payloads

In addition to designing next-generation vehicles, the AYRO Vanish has a family of swappable payloads and embedded operator aids in software making the Vanish platform more than just a truck.

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